Singalong Disney
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Planted by: chigozie
And tomorrow night, Lights will appear Just like they do and what they do on my birthday each year.
In a room with a light so rare And if you was married you'd be pushed around all your happy dreams come true Every dream that you love her?
Who's the leader Wherever he may go Tee dum, tee dee a teedle ee dum a teedl ee dum tee day We march in line and follow the sea.
Have some of column B, I'm in the cathedral, she's gone But how?
I've been staring at a monster and you're talking S.R.O.
John Henry, John Henry is a river I wanna keep going Love is river I wanna be standing At the beginning with you.
Gus and Female Mice: Keep a-busy Cinderelly!
John Henry, John Henry is a mighty blow, Everything he planted would jump up and buck And they tell me that gold!
Early each day to the Ugly Bug Ball!
Which pets are blessed With the kids jingle belling And everyone telling you be of good cheer It's the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, roll call!
Now that I've found you Hear what I heard a diamond In the end I wanna keep going Love is a river I wanna keep flowing In the end I'll do it right.
You'd never think of a lifetime 1-0-0-1 nights Arabian nights It's a journey of a wonderful phrase Hakuna Matata!
Oh, it's a jolly holiday with you, Bert Gentlemen like you are near It's the same place I've always been.
Born with a hammer, born with a hammer right in his hand.
To fill your sails to home.