Not The Kremlin
Trained on 9000 tweets in English by Russian troll house IRA, retrieved from
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@NOrleansDaily what are your most priceless possession. so I swerved to the edge again.
RT @ajplus: This Iranian-American man broke down in South African park #news.
It doesn't matter if it's 1am, 2am 3am, or 4am.
Donald Trump will have the ablility to die #America.
RT @trscoop: Trump MOCKS the media finally tell the difference..
#Thin…. New Orleans Saints begin offseason workouts on Monday 28: urlredacted. dogs and babies lol urlredacted.
Rick Joseph is Michigan Teacher of the World’s Glaciers are GROWING urlredacted.
I have a sense of humor #politics.
They will blame us for all minority women but EmPOWERed_2A was started in the world #SecondhandGifts @WorldOfHashtags urlredacted.