sylvia math
generative despair!
Planted by: not-kara
Something freezes me from the relentless cage of busy people.
I do not know how to compromise the wild dream ideals and the new fall not yet born.
What happens between us happens in darkness, vanishes easy and often as each day adds another drop to the stagnant well of course!
And when at last you find someone to like me he would sink into ordinariness, and as there aren't many around, I often unconsciously manufacture my own.
It is as if my heart do, with its hooks, for something to cling to.
I am a wound walking out of my own mind.
What did my heart so it wouldn’t get to be so beautiful.
It is what you will.
I am too close to wanting nothing.
It was my own craven fears & wincings - I only go from less exhausted to more exhausted & back again.
❤ I had just emerged from a Fourth of July rocket.
My past sins and omissions strike me with a human being who believes in the world, to love at this strange and sweet world.
I want so badly for the thing I am calm.
I am jealous of those who reflect my own world.
Let me gorge myself on it like a racehorse in a neat parcel.
When you feel you can expect anyone else is.
Sylvia Plath’s high school and even more so when I came to like them deeply - to value them as I can.
The Irish sojourn of Sylvia Plath's back to write because I couldn't happily be anything but a great, amiable boredom.
Sylvia Plath’s annotated copy of The Great Gatsby There is no living being on earth at this strange and sweet as a tennis ball at twilight.
I can’t be satisfied with the clock that syncopates our love.
I would only have to wash one day when I lie down finally: then the trees may touch me for being born twice - patched, retreaded and approved for the good luck to pass with it.
How much of my days.
How deep they drove themselves into me, the truth much longer.
I want to meet I wonder why I couldn’t stand the idea of a man, and as there aren't many, I often unconsciously manufacture my own.
How we need another soul to cling to for a week.
I need someone real, who will never be afraid to face myself.
Whenever I'm sad I'm going to cry, but I would willingly fall for it if I could be heaven if we made it such.
I wanted to kill wasn’t in the gorgeous errors of flesh.
I do not know who I am, a bundle of past recollections and future dreams, knotted up in my bookcase.
My happiness streams from wrenching a piece of hurt & beauty, and transforming it to typewritten words on paper Ted Hughes married.
What I wanted to tell you how you are insane, you are busy being insane - all the time.
I wanted to be a proper mother when you're the only extra person in the veins of single clever lonely women.
The sun is flooding into my stomach which throbs and mocks.
Sometimes I feel now I still do not fear the consequences.
What horrifies me most is the biggest, most imaginative, I have an inner serenity & stability which will destroy me in the end.
I want to kill myself, to write about my thoughts, my mind, my dreams.
The figures around me weren't people, but to be God - or between two worlds.
I could not admit then, as I was infatuated with you; I am living now in a dawn of cornflowers.
Sylvia Plath’s high school and even more so when I could ever love in this parenthesis.
I pass by people, grazing them on the deck of a world we lose by merely waking up into sanity.
It was comforting to know anybody is a rather shocking thing to be God’.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SYLVIA PLATH ❤❤❤ And I eat men like air.
I do not know who I am inhabited by a cry.
The slime of all I’ve taken for granted.
Or I can do is cultivate the illusion that I could believe in God nor Santa Claus, but in mermaids.
And in the glossed shop windows as if I think I am learning how to employ it.
Someday, god knows when, I will not be the death unwish - the thoughts, the ideas behind the handsome, confident, wise-cracking mask.
But not so fast, nor with such deep depression you lose control of yourself and your problems are universal enough to need psychiatrists.
I do not know who I am, I am, a bundle of flesh.
When at last you find someone to pour myself into.
All the colors of the novel, like the negative icy flood of denial.
My love for you is more natural to me, lying down.
For all my soul.
If the moon goes down in the light, peephole after peephole.