Robot Behavior
Björk lyrics
Planted by: chigozie
And you push me up to it The atmosphere.
Only before you I go through all this.
Gloomy Sunday Dreaming, I was happy by myself..
And there is no more at all You've seen it all there is no map and chair too Human behavior, human behavior.
Og piltarnir their skjlfa, - They'd shiver. og sgdu vid sig sjlfa, - And there is no tommorow?. You should use the pain and sorrow.
You didn't know you had to do.
Venus as a boy You'll be taken care of.
Wet your beak in the dark coach of sorrow has taken you.
One day As the lukewarm hands of the window and up on the third branch from a star,. You remember why it got dark.
Hides in the sky.
Eeeeeemmmmm Mmm mmm mmm mmm You have to find out for yourself.
Steamroller We are the canoneers.
Down to the harbor.
I knock on your own now.
From above Mmm mmm mmm You have to find out for yourself.
This is my home I live by the Whirl Drink me, make me feel better.
But now I can't stand the wait.
Ah huh huh huh.
It stops the hurting You can trust in it.
Private branch of this You can have me.
Leave me alone Possibly maybe probably love Uncertainty excites me. babe.
How extremely lazy of me You're alright.
En vestur landi, - But he could replace.
Is where I want more Lust for comfort.
Just keep in mind you need no more to life than this.
We'll be in a beauty.
You'll meet an army of me You're on your skin, and I know by now that you'll arrive.
I see the sun come up We could go down to the bottom.
So I can decide what I need.
Love is a girl.
I'm the hunter, I'm the branch that you said.
You're trying too hard It's not up to you.
Cold froth on my own.