Elon Muskrat
i feel like this will be funny
Planted by: carrie
No, but perhaps in a car to be as boring as possible!
Radical change Btw, SpaceX is no listener, a simulation would only work for 75 kWh pa… Yes Tesla solar roof tile Will do another rev before final design I was actually speaking metaphorically.
SpaceX is not seeking investors.
NY-DC in par… Support would be a special option package that takes it to the next few months for Drive on Navigation capability.
That’s 7 better than the factory Expanding the tour soon.
Just want a Tesla, here’s a list of all electric cars from customers in 2003 & then crushed them in a fun way, but if you have performance tires, they are willing to listen when I have prehensile eyebrows 😉 Yeah, most people actually do think it will be poems & plays.
I… This is crazy, but … Interview and Tesla urban charger network happening over the years, but I was told that his name not be mentioned V cool So you actually read my tweets?
It can transform into a spaceship is the world leader in EV adoption!
Just ten years ago,… Falcon 9 fairing opens its parafoil after reentering the atmosphere Ok That’s how I use irony, I lose a friend And they said I’d never be a big fan of Has led too many direct shareholders or we're required to become a public co.
Unlikely to be certain right now Best show in the lab.
Hmmm Unless you like a banana Love the shot of wild horses & Giga in winter So rococo Definitely not a lot more in a ring of fire and then… Landing Launch and landing burn.
A socialist Those who proclaim themselves “socialists” are usually depressing, have no sense of humor” is certainly proving itself true.
I'm sure there are so many details need to get around to talking to him.
Yeah, news is actually my fav game on Tesla cars right now to fix Model 3 obv less CO2 to produc… Calling this cueless would be amazing This will require entering a passcode to use your pool It is oppo… Would love to.
For those worried about this number?
Third row cooling happens by air ente… Very proud of the Falcon Heavy engine plumes look like giant laser beams in this regard.
Very tiny Performance Model 3 cars per month in Dec Handover party for first flight of Falcon Hea… To be clear, all Model 3s within next few days ago.
Competition for AI superiority at national level most likely cause of any consumer product by far, so it’s… Wanted again to send me a ninja.
One is optimized for power & one for you Yes Yes, but arguably that's worse And I own a chibi Wolverine i🖤anime Order Tesla without test drive & performance versions.
A nominal annual amount goes out a… So that they are indeed reasonably maligned The opposite is true & should be free if used for affordable housing projects Yes First Boring Company tunnel under LA tonight.
Shou… Yes, Model 3 trunk!
Yeah, I think addresses the most advanced factory on Earth!
I mean, come on, 7 mins is enough for now.
Please… You’re saying a BBC reporter who attacked me on my jacket & the artists only a small fracti… Prob iTunes, but whatever works 4u is fine.
Already mostly working in the Model X & 3.
Monty Python is so on point!
Congratulations Tesla… I love it too, but trying to control us through complicated sky patterns, they must really care.
What does it take to screw in a crash than all other cars, according to… This is false Oh, it’s on … Most people don't have the most fundamental flaw in V1: how to attach those to a stop after a large vat of LSD overturned in the world… Wow, you’re ignorant.
We did give them a free hat with their hat!
Love this Tesla P100D drag racing video Movie on the Tesla Semi heavy duty 240V, high power tools in field all day.
Please lmk results of your car all the way to make super fun games we could have anyone post an Op Ed.
I do love Banks, but perhaps in a SpaceX rocket landing blooper reel.
Order now… Model 3 for best air quality.
Humanity is not our castle.
Slo-mo hail cannonball impacting Tesla solar glass roof orders open this afternoon.
NYT journo is outraged that “dumb” public wd dare critique him while attacking me for months w unprofessional language & ad hominem attacks,… This journalist has been changed so the only existing owners… Only if you have cool arrows, you’re in Ok, thanks.
Yes, just that the production ramp is an advisory body.
Also, not promising anything, but I think you do g… Tesla rear wheel weight distribution, though commonly asked, isn't the right cell size, but the hydraulic system is closed loop, so no recovery attempted Missed by a few days Definitely Leasing negatively effects Tesla cash flow, so we made the more expensive cars goes into developing more affordable cars.
New d… It will be first.
When safety looks good after 10M miles of painted yellow lines & tape.
Being cautious for max playability & creativity.
However, we also made original Korean Oldboy.
Tesla Ranger will come with cabin overheat protection I hate whole idea of adding a “party & camper mode” soon to enable human/AI symbiosis.
Headed to Adelaide soon to Tesla owners who’… Probably 2028 for a kid or small adult to minimize open air.
Hackathon going on right now for great price!
Earlier Model 3 Performan… Exactly, this is true!
Aiming to be close to ambient.